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Workshop Prices


Our policy is to work to fixed prices as much as possible, so if you are quoted for a service the price is determined when you drop the bike off. If there is work needed that falls outside of the chosen service level we will call and get your approval before carrying on. Some jobs are harder to price, in these cases we may have to take the bike in and check it over thoroughly before we can give you a definite quote.

Most jobs are done the same day, there is no booking system, just drop off your bike in the morning and collect it after 5pm.

Prices do not include parts unless stated...

Checkover Service £30.00
Adjust the brakes and gears, pump the tyres, check that wheels are true and tight and that handlebars and all other parts are securely fixed.  
Standard Service £75.00
Remove the wheels, gears and transmission parts and clean or replace them. Clean the wheels and tension and true them. Check brake blocks and replace if necessary. Price does not include wheelbuilding or replacement of bottom bracket or headset. Replacement of all cables is £20 including parts.  
Full Service £120.00
Complete strip down and rebuild, replacing any parts needed.  
Puncture Repair (including tube) £20.00
Wheelbuilding £30.00
We can use your rim and hub or new parts as required. Spokes are normally 80p each.  
Service Gear Hub (from) £50.00
Fit Forks £25.00
Fit Headset £25.00
True Wheel £15.00
Replace Broken Spokes £20.00
Fit Rack £15.00
Fit Mudguards £25.00
Fit Rack £15.00
For frame repairs see separate page